I am looking to get a lot accomplished over the summer both in strength and technique. To start off, I am 16 (soon to be 17) and currently weigh about 155. For the most part my technique is pretty decent, I know what I need to improve on for next season. My conditioning during the season was very good. The one thing I lacked was the strength to stay in matches with guys a lot bigger than me. My goals over the summer are to put on a lot of mass and bulk up and train all the movements that will help my wrestling. I also want to sculpt my abs and tone muscle too, but functional strength is my first priority. I've made my own routine after doing a lot of research and past experiences, as well as taking ideas from the book "The Ultimate Guide to Weight training for Wrestling" and the "Bigger Faster Stronger" which I've used before.

Warm up (Which will vary a lot, how does this sound?)
Jump rope or do a light jog for a few minutes to get the blood pumping
BFS dot drill and record my times
I will pick 5 ab exercises and do each one non stop for a minute, I will do 5 different exercises for each warmup and pick them at random.
1 minute Plank
1 minute side plan each side
1 minute flutter kicks and crosses

Now for the lifting:

5x5 Box Squat
8-6-4-2-1 Bench Press (I found this rep scheme in a book and I like it because you get a good pump on the 8 and 6 and you can go really heavy for the 4-2-1. Will this be good for increasing mass and strength?
4x8 Wide grip Lat pull downs (I want to do some pull ups too, but I won't be able to do 4x8 right away. And would it be better to do only 3x8 or 2x8?
8-6-4-2-1 Military Press
8-6-4-2-1 Incline Bench
(Is this rep scheme the best choice?)
10-8-6-4-2 Leg Curls
4x20 Calf Raises
4x15 Good Mornings
Stretch out

How does this look for monday? Anything I should change or take it? How is the order of exercises? What can I do better?

Tuesday: (No lifting, "recovery day" but intense plyometrics):
Warm up the same except adding dynamic stretching,
10 all out sprints varying from 10-50 yards (30 second recovery in between)
BFS Dot drill
Plyometrics including:
5x5 Plyometric pushups
3x10 Med ball Chest passes off wall or with partner
3x10 Lateral throws off wall or partner
3x10 Med ball slams
3x10 squat jumps
3x10 Box jumps
3x10 Later box push offs
3x10 Lateral hurdle
Maybe go for a mid distance run like a 1-3 miles later on or in the evening

What do you thing about this day? Too much plyometrics? How could I make this day better?

5x5 Power Clean
5x5 Dead lift?
(What would be better to do, 10-8-6-4-2 or should I stick with 5x5?
12-10-8-6 Barbell bicep Curl
10-10-8-8 Close grip bench
(Would 3x10 be better)
12-10-8-6 Reverse Bicep Curls
12-10-8-6-2 Skull Crushers
8-8-6-6 Upright Row

How is this day? I'm a little unsure if my rep scheme is good or not. Just sticking to 3x10 or something might be easier. I don't mind doing all the sets, as long as I'm not over training. Are these exercises good together? Is the order okay? How can I make this day better?

Repeat Tuesay
I may cut the plyometrics short and do some cardio or abs or a long run, this is like a recovery day.

5x5 Parrellel Squat (One routine I looked at has 10-8-6-4-2 for squat reps, would this be better than 5x5?)
Bench Press? (I'm not sure wich core lift I should put here, would repeat bench be good? and should I do 5x5 or 8-6-4-2-1 again?
3x10 Lunges (I could cut this to 3x8)
4x8 Bent over barbell row
4x8 Wide Grip lat pull downs
(May get some pull ups in instead)
8-8-6-6 Leg Extension
8-6-4-2-1 Military Press
2x10 Straight leg Deadlifit
(Really light weight, just to stretch)

This is the day I was the most unsure of, I really wanted a day to focus on legs, so I picked this day and through in some extra back stuff.

Saturday and Sunday no lifting, maybe abs or a run if I feel like it.

So this is my routine for the first week, week two I will change all the 5x5's to 5-4-3-2-1. And Maybe switch the order of some things around. I will do 10-8-6 or 4-4-2 for everything. Week 4 I will chance my 5x5 lifts to 3x3's and chance order of axillary lifts. After The 4 week cycle I will do a new routine because July is when I've scheduled most of my camps and tournaments so I won't be able stay on this routine.

How are all my auxiliary lifts? Is it okay to just be training bicpes and triceps one time a week? I was a little unsure if these were good because that means I'm only doing stuff like incline bench and curls once a week only, is that okay to get stronger and tone up? Did I hit every muscle group I need to train?

Please give feedback and suggestions!!! Thanks is advance!!