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Thread: Amateur Wrestling Toolbar 2 for TWT, Intermat, TheMat, RevWrestling, and FloWrestling

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    Project Amateur Wrestling Toolbar 2 for TWT, Intermat, TheMat, RevWrestling, and FloWrestling

    Global Sign Up Count: 11,542

    No need to Bookmark the major wrestling sites anymore!

    I thought I'd make my 999th post count! I put together an amateur wrestling toolbar that I use for sorting though the five national wrestling websites. As you can see in the image below, each website has its own drop down list of the major categories on their website.

    Here is a video guide :

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    Each drop down list (the clickable locations with an arrow pointing downward) has 4-8 links associated with it, making browsing between the sites extremely easy.

    Video in the Bar: Perhaps the biggest improvement in version 2.0 is the additions of the Videos button on the toolbar. This pulls in the new FloWrestling videos as they are posted, all you have to do is click the right arrow, and you can sort through them.

    Another example of the drop down below (it is InterMat):

    States: The states drop down lists many of the states in the US. If you have an addition, please let me know.

    Along with the basic wrestling sites, you will also see Feeds, Weather, and an e-Mail notifier.

    News: Comes pre-installed with the,, FloWrestling Videos, and the ChicksHeartFights RSS Feeds. You can add more- just ask for details on how. I will create an explanation on how to add feeds soon (although, it isn't rocket science).

    e-Mail Notifier: Select from gmail, hotmail, yahoo mail, pop3 (work or mail) and be notified whenever a new message arrives in your inbox.

    Weather: Simple weather updates, enter your Zip Code, and start receiving daily weather updates, including notifications of in climate weather in your area.

    You may not need all of these functions, so we made it easy to remove them. The image below shows the location of where these extras can be added (the mp3 player) and removed.

    Download Information:

    Click Here to download for Internet Explorer.

    Either click Save to Desktop and then run the file from the saved location, or click RUN while beginning the download.

    Click Here to download for Firefox.
    You may need to accept (the URL you are downloading it from)

    Future Development:

    I plan to incorporate the popular state websites into this tool as well, I appreciate any suggestions for these that you may have.


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