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Thread: aerobic and strength training

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    guys idk what is if its just im really weak or i have little technique . But for some reason i get murdered by ppl at practice thats like 30 pounds less then me. Idk if they have alot of technique or just im weak. I think im pretty strong though. ANYWAWYS I have been out of shape for a while eating all these jimmy dean sandwiches and other crap. Whats some good exercises that will make me strong and fast. and some aerobic schedule training like maybe 5 miles a weekjogging? or what.
    Thank you all for help in advance

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    Take a look at some of the guys training logs. Mine, Jensens, and gjovfvs. We all have great stuff for strength and conditioning for wrestling. Also, forget the long joggings and stick to sprints. Sprints are better related to wrestling than jogging. Not trying to bash on jogging, but sprints would help your gas tank alot better in wrestling than jogging. Wrestling is an anerobic sport and so is sprints. Jogging/running is aerobic. Sprints apply to wrestling better. Do them anyway you like. Flat surface, weighted, up hill,etc.

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