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    What are some of the best ways to defend against legs?

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    well there are the usual mule kick, fairfax roll (you probably call it somthing else), and pull there hip down and jump over. But honestly i never have to use the last 2. i think the best way to defend which i definatly have down is just paying attention, i throw legs which might make it easier for me to notice, but i can always tell when someone is going to try and right when i see it coming i bring my elbox to my knee on that side. Then even if they get there leg in, you just have to get used to timing the mule kick. The big thing is really paying attention to their weight on your body, most people arnt flexible enough to throw a leg with no set up or taking their weight off you even if it is just a little bit. So the big things when your ar watching for legs in my opinion are the main setups people use, spiral and tight waiste, and then most people i notice a weight change when they want to throw them. and depending on how flexible a person is they might even post their hands on your back for a breif second and place their weight over their hands so that they get a little more room to throw their own leg. This might not make sense to you and sorry if thats the case, but basicly just really pay attention when people throw them during practice to their weight distribution.

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    So what you're saying is to just anticipate when they are throwing in the legs and prevent them from getting them in at all?

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    ya, the best defense is not letting them do it, but do you know the basics that i mentioned earlier or would you like me to give details?

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