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Thread: How to Put Underhooks in?

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    Default How to Put Underhooks in?

    What is the best and easiest way to put the underhook in smoothly while not putting yourself in danger?
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    Default Re: How to Put Underhooks in?

    To get into an under hook tie you can pummel in or just throw an uppercut into his arm pit. You should do it while maintaining a block with your other hand. Keep your head in good position also.

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    If you want to put in hooks learn to pummel. Don't overextend when you do it just fight inside and stay in good position. If you become a good pummeler you'll just find yourself there (with and under-hook in) all the time.

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    smack his elbow out of the way with one hand and underhook with the other

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    pummel pummel pummel; i get underhooks in everytime i tie up
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    Start out in a stagger stance. Whichever leg you have forward, use your other arm to pound his head down. As he starts to react throw your underhook in with your opposite arm. Be sure to keep your forehead in his temple and your inside leg in between his legs to keep good position though.
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    Grab his opposite wrist, pull it forward a little, and then slide your other arm up, and try to position yourself to his side while putting pressure down on his shoulder.

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