Well, I'm missing almost every match this season because of confirmation class, although I do go to practice, and I atleast get to go to 'some' matches. Next year, since there will be a vacancy in the roster, I'm going to have to fill that spot. I don't want to let my team down. I have a pretty fast shot, but I suck donkey ass at finishing them. Anyways, hopefully many of you have been to a variety of camps. What I'd like to know is what camps do you recommend? Should I do intensive or technique?

I was thinking intensive (I assume) since you get a lot of live wrestling in, and you could (once again, I'm assuming) pick up techniques from your wrestling partners as well. Do intensive camps normally focus on technique as well?

I'd like to go to camp as long as possible so as to come back a more polished wrestler.

I was checking some camps out and I was intrigued by NIU's 21 day elite camp. http://www.niuwrestlingcamps.com/
Chertow also seems good.

Anyways, please feed me with as much info as you can, because I'm hungry.