Hey guys, I'll give some background real quick, sophomore, 112, fairly accomplished, great record, returning state place winner, ranked pretty high in the state right now, etc. But this year, to get down to 112, I have to cut a crap load of weight, 12-15 lbs, to some maybe thats not a lot or is easy, but for me its absolutely killing me. I'm 6.5% body fat and needed a doctors note to be at this weight. Also, I've been dieting pretty heavy for about 4 or 5 months now. I'm tired all the time, dehydrated all the time, and now generally can't wait until this season is over. I still love the sport, but I just can't do this cut anymore, but its pretty much too late to move up to 119 and as a team we're way better with me down.
I just feel overwhelmed by it constantly. So please guys, give me some advice, it doesn't even need to be about how to lose the weight (although if you guys have some good ideas, let me know!) just if you guys have any ideas on how to make me feel better. Something to help me get through it you know?
I'm probably just whining, but please, I'm sure most of you have been here before and could help me out here.

Thanks a lot.