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Thread: How to get better at riding legs?

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    So I'm 15, a freshmen in highschool, and im wrestling a fantastic season right now, 20-4 as of this post.....I am awesome on my feet, really good at scrambling, pretty good on bottom position, great on top position, but only for the moves i know how to do. I want to braoden my range of moves by throwing in legs, which i know how to do, and I know most of the basics from here, like the power-half, the guillotine, and the banana splits. I've contacted Spider from this site, and asked for some tips, which he was glad to help me with (hats off to you..not saying your stuff hasnt worked, just still adding pieces to the puzzle), but I'm still wanting to learn more. If anybody has any new techniques or riding break downs that not many people know of, that would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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    try to get all or most of your opponent's weight on his far knee if you're riding cross body. you'll be able to catch a back hook on his far arm or break him down once his weight is on his far knee.

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