This is my second year wrestling and I'm pretty good at it. I'm a sophomore on JV heavyweight. I had a horrible freshman year not winning a single match, so this year I set some goals for myself. I got a lot stronger since last year and slimmed down a bit so I'm in better shape. This season i got my first win on my second match so it started from there. I started to win more often, although for every 2 wins a loss was soon to follow, and now my record is 5-8. Not too bad in comparison to last season, but after my 5th win I've lost 4 straight. It sucks to see my record go bad because i keep losing. I work hard at practice and I'm an aggressive wrestler, but when I wrestle in a match all my moves turn out unsuccessful.(Some of my moves are the lateral, headlock, bear hug) Most times I also get put on my ass by a trip,so my balance isn't very good.
any suggestions on what i could do?