So, I wrestle 189 but there is not anyone that i wont pin in like 30 seconds (not bragging their just new) But the 171 used to be a 89 the year prior who I beat by 9 points the first year. I wrestled him tonight easily winning 6-1 but I struggled on top, ALL HE DID was sit all his weight on his heels and base out. I couldnt break him down all his weight was on his heels. He just sat there and waited for some lucky headlock to come out. He would stall and sit there until he saw my head pop out for a second then headlock me. I got away with it twice then he actually someone pulled it off, he was getting nearfall then i started bleeding which ended the match. What do I do if he sits all his weight on his heels and just bases over and over? I need to break him down so I can work my turns but he just stalls.