We have a wrestler in the novice ranks that has really learned to use that move very well. In each of the last 4 tournaments we have had him in, he has taken 1st place and never had a ref say a word to him or any of the coaching staff about it being an illegal move.

Today, in his first match, he pinned the kid using the chin-under hook. At the end of the match, the ref took the child aside and explained that he could have called the move illegal and not to do it again! He said it would have been a caution.

My question is this..... How do you teach your students or wrestlers to preform the Chin-Underhook? Do you teach them to sink the head tight and cup the chin, then snake the arm and apply leverage to the snaked arm to turn the opponent onto his back? OR do you teach all of the above except dont have them cup the chin, instead have an open hand with the thumb upwards under the chin?

Please let me know your thoughts on this. As it turns out, the ref NEVER cautioned ANY other wrestler and it is used at least 20 times on his mat that I saw today. I tried to find any ruling in the Oklahoma rule book, but all it would talk about is wrenching of the neck or back of the neck and if you DO grab the chin, it must be followed immediatly by a turning motion to move the player to his back.

Also, does anyone have an online link to the Oklahoma Wrestling Rules 2008?

Thanks much.