My son just completed his freshman year of HS and 1 yr of wrestling. He wants to attend a few camps this summer to improve on his knowledge and skills.

I need some advice from some of the more experienced fathers and coach's about the different types of camps. In trying do do research on the different camps some say Intensive Camp, Takedown Camp, Technique Camp, etc.

Forgive me for being stupid but what is the difference between these types of camps and what camps might be best for a newbie wrestler?

I understand that current skills and knowledge play a big roll in deciding what type of camp to attend. My son most always gets way ahead in his matches as he is very aggresive but finds himself getting turned onto his back late in matches to make them close or get pinned. At first I thought it might be due to conditioning but coach's say he is in great physical shape.

Coach say he gets confused do to lack of wrestling skills and only experience will solve this problem. This brings me back to my original question of what type of camp and where do we obtain this knowledge?

I would assume a Takedown camp would only concentrate on Takedowns - scoring points, but what is Technique Camp and what would they teach and which is the most important to learn?

Any guidance you could provide would be much appreciated. We live in CA and can travel to out of state camps but of course would prefer to stay as close as possible to home.