Hey everybody,

I'm the new guy on the Forum.

I started to wrestle 2-3 months ago and I train all the disciplines separately for MMA.

I got to Blue belt level quickly in BJJ because I laid out a systematic approach to learning it, but to be honest, Wrestling is confusing me a bit ;-)

I understand the Takedown part to a certain degree, but especially the groundfighting in Wrestling feels very awkward. All the guys at the Wrestling Club train all their life, so there is not really a technique-approach to it, but rather repetition of the stuff they already know.

Does anybody have a Wrestling Curriculum or an approach on how to learn the basics and what the basics are?

By the way, Wrestling is awesome, there's no feeling like hitting a good takedown on a guy and wrestle aggressively.

So guys please help me develop into a good wrestler quickly and give your thoughts on this.