Ok, so i weigh in at 167 and was wrestling guys around 180. 185. and 215. So they were all heavier than i was. First off, we were working LIVE takedowns, and i would find a good opening, shoot and for some reason i felt like i couldn't run through them like i use to. I also ended up holding onto 1 leg tight to my body and the other guy would have an underhook on my farthest arm.

I was shooting good but the takedowns were only comiong about 40% of the time. I really need to work on them when i use to be unstoppable at them. it suks right now because i had to take last yr off from being in hospital and it feels like ill never be the same. Ive also gained well over 20 pounds for football when i want to go to college for football but i also want to have an awesome wrestling season at around 140-150.

so any suggestions? i have it again next wednesday and im going to try and improve on it, but i feel slugish and down on myself. I always though that i was unstoppable with my doubles! wow. im shocked and my horrible performance.