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Thread: Tips and Steps for a great takedown?

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    Default Tips and Steps for a great takedown?

    Hi guys

    I was just wondering what do you do for a great take down? because tomorrow i have a take down tournament in my school and its 1 round for 3 minutes ONLY TAKE DOWNS. So i was just wondering what do you guys do for a good take downs like steps, fakes, pulls, drags, etc.
    So please guys can you give me some advise and tips?

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    Default Re: Tips and Steps for a great takedown?

    when attempting double legs take really really deep steps to where your upper thigh is touching there crotch and the lift they cant sprawl and gives you ton more controll tigh up and circle them till you an cross a leg around theres and drive forward
    also if you want to shock the other wrestlers and give the crowd something good to watch practice your arm spins and lateral drops till you can slam them like nothing i usually practice them on heavy people like 20-40 lbs on me so when i hit them on my weight its like nothing
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