hii i am very new to this forum and i have wrestled before last year my sophmore year, but for only 1-3 months because well it all started good with my conditioning and all, and we started doing some sparring they call in wrestling called i guess " live wrestling" or something like sparring with your partners getting better and all.

well they put me against a senior that has been wrestling for 4 years, and me only 1-3 months, i didnt know much of what i was doing i was holding on and right when i seen an oppertunity for a double leg, i was ready to take him down, then i ended up getting slammed onto my face and injurying my tougue not being able to eat solid food for a week,

and my parents took me out of wrestling telling me they probably wont let me rejoin or do any wrestling again because they think im gunna get hurt badly.

so i plan on joining wrestling again my senior year, because i know they will most likely let me do that, i mean i wanna prove my self, because they thought i had some potiential for my weight for some reason,

i wanna know what weight lifting routines are ones that give you massive core and functional strength, also for types of muscular endurance,

for wrestlers, and not getting big, but just stronger and more conditioned, however i do plan on doing more then just weight lifting for conditioning

right now i am currently around 6,0 187-191 usually it flunctuates around the 188-190 mark

any amazing advice and all around beginner help is appreciated and all, i really was likeing wrestling and all until my parents took me out, and i am planning on making my return a better all around then last year.