Alright well heres some backround info.
I am 14 years old, i weigh around 112-113, im 5"7 im skinny but have muscle and this is my first year in highschool wrestling im in JV. I also use to do long distance track.

I can remember how to do the moves but the thing is i sometimes i cant get the right time to excute them on my opponent.
also we do little scrimmages but the other day i was scrimmagin this guy who was alittle taller and was around 112 lbs like me but he kept beating me (it was whoever got two points wins). He was able to tackle me down.
The guy i was scrimmagin was also in his first year and he was also good against other experienced wrestler in the weightclass.
Our first game is on tuesday, can you give me any tips or things i can do to improve? i really am intrested in wrestling.