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Discuss Not Enough Energy. HELP! at the Technique & Training Questions within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Hey there, I'm a junior in high school who wrestles and I often find myself ...
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    Hey there, I'm a junior in high school who wrestles and I often find myself lacking energy by the middle of practice. I'm not sure why though because I'm at my determined healthy weight. I've been dieting hard though to get down there and I sweat a lot more than a regular person does. What do you guys think could be my problem? I also sometimes wear sweatpants during practice if that helps. Thanks!

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    Push past that. You may be expericing "the wall" right before your body switches from your food stores (what you recently ate) to your fat stores (the stuff you don't want).
    I find that a cold gatorade (small sips to avoid cramping) is a quick energy booster.

    Just tell yourself how much you want it and say things like "The difference between states and nothing is right now when there is nothing but will" sounds lame but has gotten me through many a hard practice.

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    First and foremost is mental toughness. Tell yourself to get through the last hour, always keep working. Tell yourself you can do it, you're in pratice for a reason. What are you working for, what do you want to become? Use your goals to motivate you through pratice. Trust me, in a few weeks you'll have gotten enough stamina and endurance to get through pratice.

    Second is nutrition. By dieting, I hope you don't mean you're starving yourself senseless. I know this is cliche but, eat your fruits and veggies. You'll get loads of energy off the vitamans and natural sugars of fruits and vegatables, all of which help you go the distance. Eat lean meats such as chicken for protein. Get some carbs in. Of course, don't over eat, but don't under eat either. Always keep hydrated.

    Thirdly, maybe you need an extra boost. Running just one mile over the weekend will help you. Yes, it doesn't seem like much, but it will warm you into the weekday pratice. It'll only take you a couple of minutes anyways. Also, what helps alot is if you have a small (healthy) snack half an hour or so before pratice. An orange, a bananana, or even some healthy unsalted crackers will give you a little extra energy to keep you going in pratice. Hydration is also key. This will be the second time I mention this, but it's important. Drink alot of water. Bring a bottle of water to school and sip throughout the day. By the end of pratice you're going to lose it all rather quickly, hell, by the time school's over, you would have pissed alot of it out. But it helps your body.

    Other then that, work hard. never give up, that's the credo of warriors!

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