I used to play football, I love wrestling, but I love weight training as well. I'm 17, I weigh 175 right now, I'm 6'-1/2", and I bench press 245, squat 245, and shoulder press 155. I also can do up to 74 push-ups at a time, 20 chin-ups at a time, and jump rope at a fast pace for 5 minutes (around 500 jumps). However, last year was my first year wrestling, I started in J.V. and won a silver medal in my first tournament after practicing for 2 weeks (i started late because i joined right after football season ended). I went on to Varsity about 2 weeks after that (my record was 6-2 before). I missed a practice every now and then due to sickness and my record went down from there. My season ended with an 8-8 record. I tend to use power too much rather than technique. I'm best on the ground, but I know I could be even better at takedowns because of my football background and powerful core. I have a high strength-to-weight ratio.

Im already in great shape and know enough about strength training. I just really need suggestions for how to start on my technique. Some conditioning tips would help too!