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Thread: Log in re-directs

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    Default Log in re-directs

    I am finding that after I log in, I am automatically redirected to my profile page as opposed to the page I was viewing. It's not a big deal, but it's a slight nuisance to have to go back to the page that I wanted to post on instead of being redirected to it after logging in.

    Is this an issue for anyone else?

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    When I first log in, I check off "remember me," so I'm always logged in, even when I boot up after having the computer turned off (unless I've done a clean-up and my cookies are wiped out). I did notice this on my girlfriend's computer when I had to log in, but it was nice to see my smiling face in a beach chair.
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    Just something we're testing.. You'll only have to put up with it through the Olympics and then it will be configurable in your usercp.

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