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    Information YouTube

    Hey guys.

    I don't know what the hell is going on anymore.

    Anyway - the YouTube thread needs to be ported over in its entirety.

    This is very important.


    The QS

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    Yes, the Photo and Video section was Jensen's great idea, lets get it back.

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    If you want to just have it set up as posts, its easy enough... or would you like to be able to create galleries, import youtube/flocast right into the forum for easy viewing. (I can put up something like that for you.)

    Dream of what exactly you'd like (Ive already got a tournament script for fantasy drafts ready to do)

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    The Photo and Video section I thought was kind of repetitive on the old board, as the Youtube thread was in the International section, and then there was always big talk about the GoldZone stuff in the college board. Over here, just put the videos in the specific type of wrestling they show.

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    I will eventually get a video sharing section set up..

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