I see a lot of folks, including Wiltz (who is a mod), have a tendency to copy/paste entire wrestling articles from outside sources into threads. This is *not* an attack on Wiltz or anything, but I humbly suggest that all wrestling articles be directly linked to, with maybe a couple of lines as a teaser. The reasons:

1) In most cases, it is technically illegal to copy/paste some else's outside work and bring it to this site. I SERIOUSLY doubt that it would ever be a legal/copyright issue for this board... but in general it's a practice that the websites who create the content frown upon and have taken legal action with on larger message baords.

2) When you don't link to an article, the newspaper/website never knows that you read it. The more hits online publications see for wrestling articles, the more wrestling articles they produce. Also, by virtue of going to an article you will often find references and links to other wrestling stories you will want to read. Win win for everyone.

3) When you link to an article, the author/website knows of the TWT impact. Most websites know which sites "referred" them to whatever page you are reading. If they see dozens or even hundreds of hits referred to them by TWT, they know we exist. It'll encourage the author to come on the board and discuss the article or possibly post about new articles. News websites keep VERY close track of how many people read an article and where those people came from, and the more "power" we can give TWT the better.

My two cents... As fans of a struggling sport we should make it well known that we are reading the articles that are out there. If you don't click on a link to read the article, the people who made the article will never know. The less they know about us, the less likely they are to publish future wrestling stories. Thanks for reading...