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    Default MyWrestlingTalk Profiles -- Please Read/Respond

    I'm working on finalizing the MyWrestlingTalk profiles, and Shane and I wanted to get some feedback before moving this into the position of the full time Profiles here at If you don't know what I'm talking about, is the link to my profile.

    The Concept
    The idea behind this tool is to facilitate friendly contact between forum members. I've to be speaking with Leroy Vega, J Robinson, Ben Askren, etc. to create a profile so that we can see how their training or season is going. Everything looks great on that end. The goal of this is to create a community around wrestling that everyone can interact with.

    The Tools
    Right now I have blogging, video, audio, and photography set up as the main additions to the profiles. I would love to hear more. We also plan on integrating the Arcade championships, and Forum Events you win. (We will be running contests for $50 gift cards a couple times a month).

    What We Need
    Feedback. Let me know what you have as far as questions go. Any suggestions, etc.

    To find yours.... Click the Profile link in the Navigation Bar, or Click on your name, and view your profile- then click Check out MyWrestlingTalk.
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