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    Default User's Level Improvement, Part 1

    We added a new feature that I think many of you will begin to enjoy, it's called User Level's. You earn points for doing just about anything on, much like any role playing game (ala World of Warcraft, etc)... In your User Profile you can see how much further you have to go in order to level up your account to the next user level. Eventually we will be giving away t-shirts and other prizes to people who reach a certain User Level (not decided yet)... More information to come as I have time to write a more detailed explanation of the addition. Feel free to play around and offer up any suggestions you would like to see.

    Activity Level
    The system calculates the activity by taking the average post count of the twenty most active users and comparing it to your own post count over a set number of days.

    Calculation of the score

    Taken into calculation are these things:

    - Created threads
    - Thread views of own threads
    - Thread replies of own threads
    - Thread votes of own threads
    - Thread tags (coming soon...)
    - Replies to own threads
    - Sticky threads

    - Created posts
    - Views on attachments

    - Days since registration
    - Referrals
    - Received infractions
    - Reputation
    - Visitor messages on profiles (coming soon...)
    - Members of own social groups (coming soon...)
    - Album pictures (coming soon...)
    - Friends (coming soon...)

    You can see there are a couple voting options that are not active yet marked: (coming soon...) that is because will be releasing these portions very shortly, coinciding with another major update we will be releasing this summer.

    The more active you are in the forum the more your user level will increase. You can check out how you compare to all of the other users by clicking on the Quick Links drop down list in the Navigation Bar up above and selecting My Rankings. (Alternatively, click here. This will also show you awards that people have received- these are updated daily based on the current tally of their points in certain categories.
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