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Thread: TWT Apparel

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    Soon, we're going to try and have them done by NCAA's at the very latest. We'll let you know how to get them when we finalize everything.
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    We need a higher resolution image of the logo (which I didn't make) and then it can get done.. I need to either recreate it or get around to asking Danielle (DH? hehe). Then we will have them ready within a week. J Robinson Wrestling Products is going to do the printing, and their president said it'd be finished quickly- once we have the final design ready to go.

    I was planning on having them do Tees, Long Sleeve Tees, shorts, and sweat pants for now... probably more designs and apparel next season as we continue to grow.

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    Sounds great. Will we be able to order them or will I have to schlep them around with me at the Nationals with a dozen NCAA t-shirts, and try to stuff all that cra . . er apparel into my suitcase?
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    JRWrestling will send them out for us, so you will be able to have them shipped (probably like $3.60 or whatever priority shipping is) I dont think the total cost will even exceed 15 bucks (for the t-shirts) for shipping and everything... whatever profit is earned off the apparel will go to a prize(s) for something next season.

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