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Thread: Midlands URL & Firefox....

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    Default Midlands URL & Firefox....

    The Midlands thread in this forum and Firefox do *not* get along on the 5 computers I have tried. Here is the link:

    When I click on that link with FF (3 PCs @ home, and 2 PCs @ work), FF promptly crashes and then closes.

    Anyway, after watching part of the tournament on TV last night, I'm wondering if we're looking at an unbeatable Iowa team. I really don't know if they can be defeated in a dual meet, and they apparently are a very strong tournament team as well. Yes, MN and OSU and a few others were not present, but I am really surprised and impressed at the turnaround we're witnessing here with this team.

    At least Varner picked up a title. That's a heckuva revenge match he won last night against an excellent wrestler.

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    Default Re: Midlands URL & Firefox....

    It's probably the bracket PDF causing the crash.. PM me if you feel like helping me test for the problem

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