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Thread: The "MyWrestlingTalk" page in our profiles

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    Default The "MyWrestlingTalk" page in our profiles

    I apologize if this has already been discussed, but I was just noticing/playing around with the "MyWrestlingTalk" link that is in our profiles pages.

    Schlottke -- it looks as if this is a MySpace sort of page? Do you want to give us a quick rundown of all the features? I see there is a blog and the ability to add friends and upload photos and stuff like Myspace.

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    Yes, it is a MySpace like feature. I am currently making some changes as I personally play around with it, because it is not ready for the "big time" yet.

    I thought it would be a great feature to utilize for wrestlers in training to keep a log on everything they are doing, plus a way for their fans to communicate with them (and of course- keep their own profile up as well.) Much like MySpaceis very "music" oriented.

    I am compiling a list of features that are available, but are not active, and when everything is working perfectly, I will run a poll for the top 5 addon features.
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