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Thread: Massive Booting

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    Default Massive Booting

    I keep getting booted off of this thing...I will be in the middle of posting and then realize that it is asking me to log in there anything that I can do to change this or is it a bug?
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    Its a bug as of now. In a few days Schlottke and I should know what is the likely cause of it, and then it should get taken care of.

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    Try sticking with the ip address form of the site for now until monday. I believe its the frame causing this.

    Couple other solutions:

    Upgrade to firefox (

    Use IP to connect

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    The 'forward/mask' setup we use now is OK, but the 'right' way to set this up (and will likely resolve the problem) is to use the multi-homing feature of your server to point people to the right home page. You set it up exactly right when we did the '' -- we should really setup '' to point to the IP, and your server should then direct to the /~thematfo/ home.

    Email me off-board if you want to look at this - I think its the way to go.

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    i am so old i don't even really know what rstrong is talking about but i am for anything that can fix this...
    "Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until they speak."

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    rStrong... I is set up that way for, I was under the impression that Shane had already requested you to switch TWT as well. /~thematfo/ is already set up to be, is simply a 301 redirect to TWT.

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    I've got the error figured out. I contacted vBulletin and they will be going over how to resolve it shortly.

    Thanks for your patience.

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    Ok, I've removed as many of the confusing redirects as possible, the error SHOULDN'T happen if you are on the IP version of the website in IE or Firefox, and I have never seen an issue with even when using Firefox.

    When is set up to the DNS of the new server, there will no longer be any issues related to this.

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    Great -- is now setup exactly like I had been doing the 301 'permanent' redirect from a DNS forward with masking - which would explain the confusion & problems - it's now gone.

    Shane and I did have an email conversation... but I'm thinking we might have missed each other a little bit somewhere. Likely my fault.

    Propogation with a TTL of 1 hour should be very quick - I'll double check in the morning. Email or post with issues - but it simple enough, there shouldn't be any problems.

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