Apparently the arm of the moderators stretches to any website in which I post. I made a comment on about Simmons and my opinion that he wouldn't be able to turn any top international guys with his reverse headlock. P Jersey had this to say:

"i have my eye on you. You have shown a complete lack of knowledge or misunderstanding of sports. From this point forward you are probation. You can pm me on the twt and i will give you insight. If you do happen to post your nonsense on the twt mma forum you will be handled accordingly.

I am putting you on probation now so that you dont make a complete fool of yourself like exgrapler."

I thought that all of these sites were places for opinions my opinion is that simmons won't turn guys with that move. He can disagree, but cmon can you say power trip? And don't worry P Jersey I have never even looked on your mma forum much less post. I'm a wrestling fan.

I don't claim to know everything, but I don't feel that any of my posts are malicious and this guy has disagreed with me on most topics i post on, and evidently he holds a grudge.