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    Default Registration Issue

    Was just plugging the site on another board, and someone reported they couldn't register.

    I logged out and tried to register and it said i didn't have permission.

    Is there a reason nobody can register?
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    Hello, I figured I'd respond here in case someone sees this thread and is curious about joining.

    Standard forum registration has been shut down for a year or so. Too many spambots gained access to the site via security holes. Maybe in the future we will find a way to set that back up. But anyway, in the mean time, when users go to register.php they will be given directions to send their desired username and email address in, and I will manually create the accounts. This will maintain security but also give people who want to join an opportunity to do so (and really, we should have set this up when we shut the registration down a while back, so we're sorry about the inconvenience).

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