This kind of gets into computer nerdery here, but I use the Firefox Noscript extension to filter out some harmful web tactics. Certain threads on TWT make NoScript unhappy, thinking it's a clickjacking attempt to EBay. Here's a pic:

Basically it thinks when you click on that image element it is "hiding" another element underneath, which is what you are really clicking on. Looks pretty harmless to me (the element underneath is simply grey) put I'd figure I would pass along to Schlottke. If you have no idea what I'm talking about or need more info let me know. I'm not actually blocking any JavaScript on TWT, which is what most folks use NoScript for.

Also - I see this less often but every once in awhile I get a small message (think it's a tiny popup window) about "Sorry for leaving ebay - would you take a survery?" but it's pretty rare and I didn't spend enough time figuring out when it happens. Think it's when I go from a thread to the College Wrestling board, but if it comes up again I'll document it better.