Admin Announcement Forum?"

Hi guys, great job you're doing to improve and promote the site, but I have a suggestion to consider.

I read in the Non Wrestling Talk Forum that you have made another recent upgrade to the community. Great job. But since visitors/members might not know too look or search the NWT Forum for site upgrade information, do you think there is any value in creating an Admin Announcement Forum? This could be an one-stop shopping place for visitors/members to check for a list of past and recent upgrades as well as other global community annoucements.

An additional thought would be to then consider moving the current Site Suggestions & Feedback Forum as a subforum of the Admin Announcement Forum. They seem related and suggestions might be considered subordinate to the Admin Announcement Forum. Anyway it is just a thought to further professionalize the site...not that you are lacking in that area.

Also, are your moderators assigned to moderate certain forums? If so, it might be an idea to list the forum's moderator name in small print below the forum title (on the main page) so if someone wished to discuss an issue they know who to go to directly. Then of course the moderator could percolate the question/issue up the chain to an Admin if necessary.

I hope you don't interpret these suggestions as insulting or that I feel you are doing something wrong. They're just a couple of thoughts I wanted to share. You decide if they hold any usefulness.

Keep up the good work.


PS: Sorry, I did title this when writing my post but when I previewed it before posting the system removed it. I had this originally titled, "Admin Announcement Forum?"