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Thread: Site access from smart phones.

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    Default Site access from smart phones.

    I have been having a continuous problem trying to read the website from my iPhone. After the site loads I successfully log into my acct. Whenever I click on a thread to read I rcv the "Hey there..." error message saying I'm not logged in. After logging in again and attempt to read a thread I receive the same "Hey there..." log in msg. I'm caught in an infinite loop rendering my site log-in and access useless from my phone.

    Can you suggest anything? Perhaps there's some setting on my iPhone that I don't have correctly configured, or, is there some dev problem on your end when dealing with communications from smart phones?


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    Default Re: Site access from smart phones.

    I haven't had any problems with accessing from my iPhone. I do have it set to automatically remember me, so I don't have to sign in each time I come to TWT, but before that, I don't remember any problems.

    I have had that "infinite loop" thing happen to me on a regular PC though.
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    I have no problems either with my I-phone. Have you enabled java? Also, I would clear your cache and reattempt. I have mine set to remember me as well.
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    Stardust and Wiltz,

    Thank you for the suggestions. I verified java is enabled but did clear my cache as suggested. I logged back in and selected the "remember me" setting and it looks at this point to have solved my problem. I prefer to sign in during each session and not to be "remembered" (security conscious) but this may be my only solution. My thanks to both of you for your suggestions.

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