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    Just wanted to say I liked the email updates w/ the links and all. Kudos to the admin who are doing a great job.

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    Agreed. And it's nice to find coverage here instead of having to go over to the other site.

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    Ill be doing it all week, nothing else to do. Friday, Shane or someone else will need to commandeer my account at WCSN and post feeds as I will be meeting with Andy Rein and Matt Demaray at the U of W, so any takers, let me know... youll get to watch the feed, but you'll also have to update everyone...

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    You guys are da bomb!

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    Time differential kills me for posting results, and just following in general this year.

    Last year when everything was at night, it was all good. Just stay up late, go without sleep.

    Damn classes. Come Friday though, I'll do my best.

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