This community is rocking. We allow a lot more guest access than we did last year as the community donations and advertising has improved, and traffic statistics have been growing like crazy.

Yesterday saw we saw over 7.000 unique visitors- an impressive increase over last year on the same date. As these numbers continue to increase we are able to add even more features and end of the year gifts for our contributing members.

As you are already aware we will be giving away some major cash for the winners and place winners in each of the fantasy leagues.

What you didn't know...

Our next step is to offer up donations to every college and high school who uses our video system to catalog their videos. Start using TWT for your videos (just click videos and find the UPLOAD link.. yes, its absolutely... free.) and get in touch with one of the admin.. like me: . We will start our donation cycle to your club. We want wrestling to grow and the best way to do that is by paying you for progress. Pick TWT for your video servicing needs and we will help you in every way we can.

Connect with us and we will not only donate to your club, but we will also hook you up with discounts on wrestling shoes, singlets, & other gear for choosing us. Its a no brainer!