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  • Akzent

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  • Gold

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  • Zapp Brannigan

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  • R Payton

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  • KR1963

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  • Jimbo

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Thread: Thread Starter of the Month Contest

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    Default Thread Starter of the Month Contest

    Each month we will be giving away an Amazon gift card to the top Thread Starter/Contributor/Poster...

    How this will work:

    • On the first Monday of each month (Dec 6, Jan 3, Feb 7, Mar 7, Apr 4) we will open up nominations - If I don't open the thread - someone else can feel free to do so with their nomination. Title the thread: Poster of the Month Nominations - December 2010 - Place the nominations each month in this thread.

    • Depending upon the interest/excitement we may have a "Poster of the Year" chosen from the winner & runner up from each month.

    • You can win up to twice (we may alter this rule, but we'd like to get as many involved as possible.

    • If more than 5 people are nominated a "second" will be required to be placed on the poll - write-in candidates cannot win, you must be on the poll.

    • Each Month's gift card will be announced after votes are tallied. It will vary from $50-$150, depending upon the overall ad revenue from TWT during that period.

    • Polls close the last day of the month at midnight.

    • Winner is decided by a group vote - votes by people with under 10 votes will be discarded. Duplicate IPs & accounts sharing IPs found voting will all be discarded unless you provide the administration of proof of two ACTIVE accounts in a dorm or other living quarters. *(ACTIVE being over 100 posts and having posted in the past month.)

    November is a short month, but you have had a couple weeks already to look back on.

    ALL members, including admin (excluding myself - but lets get serious... im not winning anyway.. lol) are eligible for prizes - don't discount the effort they put in because of an image under their name. Winning administrators can use veto power to turn over their prize to a poster they feel is more deserving.

    How Should I Vote?

    Look at the effort the user puts into their threads. Is it well titled? Is it linking to other areas of the thread/site to provide additional information? Is it linking to videos from Flo, Youtube, elsewhere? Have they provided live results? Don't just use VIEWS and POSTS in a thread. While covering a major event excellent deserves rewards covering small events/duals routinely is another major factor to consider.

    More To Come

    Feel free to ask questions and make suggestions... this is the first contest like this I've run so I'd love input. We should have a bit of excess cash lying around after updates and I think this is a good way to give back to our best contributors..
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