You may have already seen some of the cosmetic changes, but I would suggest everyone force refresh their browsers (especially if you are on IE and haven't noticed anything changing") Click the F5 key with your browser window open anywhere on and it will refresh your cache.

Here is what is new or coming very soon:

menu system
If you have a standard screen size and a newer processor (computer is < 2 years) the menu should appear close to perfect. We are in the beginning stages of creating a lo-fi version of the menu that will be available to all users.

news feeds section
Not much of an explanation is needed here. Click on the Globe for wrestling and mixed martial arts news.

music section.
Click on the speaker in the menu and load up the pandora music player.

tournaments & leagues system.
You can create your own league or tournament and run it using this system. The currently provided tournament types are Last Man Standing and Single Elimination. We will be releasing several other tournament types and a much broader management system in the near future.

As a starting point, TWT will have the TWT cribbage league and hold a monthly poker tournament for $$.

The schedule system (click the calendar) is up and running with a weekly run down of every college wrestling event.

International rankings are already up, courtesy of quick_single. NCAA, HS, and MMA rankings will be released in the next month.