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Discuss Understanding thread title changes at the Site Suggestions, Feedback, & Support within the Wrestling Talk Forums; As you may or may not have been noticing, there has been an increase in ...
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    Default Understanding thread title changes

    As you may or may not have been noticing, there has been an increase in the number of thread titles changed/moved in the last couple of months- this is not meant to be rude or used as a way to discourage you from posting.

    In the past year posts have increased by about 600% daily, so please understand that the forum is growing quite rapidly and with that maintenance must increase.

    Here is a small list of things I personally look for:

    • Is the topic of the thread meant to cause an argument more than it is meant to describe the thread?
    • Is the thread placed in the proper forum for it's title?
    • Does the content of the thread reflect the title?

    If a thread is accurately titled it will receive the correct readership. If you title a thread with a "National Enquirer" headline, expect it to change.

    While this is a public board, certain standards need to be kept by the community in order to ensure our continued success. The super users have a very good understanding of this so if you are unsure how to title a post, follow their lead.

    This certainly will not be pleasing to everyone, however, we have the best interest of the community in mind and intend to continue to deliver the quality product you have grown to expect.

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    Default Re: Understanding thread title changes

    I don't have much to add to the above other than a hearty indeed.

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