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Thread: TWT Q.1 updates winding down... What's new?

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    Default TWT Q.1 updates winding down... What's new?

    "Live Topic"

    Whenever you see this image: on a thread the topic has just been posted to and the author is still very likely on the board.

    The cool feature, though, is that when you're at the end of a thread it will automatically post any posts that occur while you're there. On large events like the Cliff Keen National Duals, Conference Tournaments and the NCAAs it will essentially turn the thread into a chat room.

    New Frontpage

    To continue to improve TWT in the way we wanted we needed to develop the front page into a much cleaner experience. The front page includes a news system managed by the moderators and posters of TWT and will include quite a few new items as we finish it up.

    Advertising System

    We have added a 125x125 box advertising system within the news system. The ads look like this:

    We have the traffic to cover 10 of these and make the rotation fair, so anything under 10 ads (we will not go over 10 until the traffic supports it) your receiving a considerably better CPM.

    To purchase space simply go to's front page and find the "Advertise Here" button.

    The system for buying the ads is 100% automated and uses Google Checkout to bill the purchases.

    Purchase TWT Membership Levels

    coming soon...
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