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    Default Wrestling Technique Library ala & FloWrestling Wave

    We would like to announce the release of the TWT Wrestling Technique Library.

    Similar in concept to FloWrestling Wave and, the TWT Wrestling Technique Library categorizes technique by position.

    Unlike the others, it's free.

    When I was putting this together I wanted to make sure we allowed the community to access this without having to spend cash during a recession - wrestling won't grow if we don't spread it.

    Pros of Our Service

    • Well.. as you're already aware, its free.
    • Categorized by not only positions, but with tagging and the addition of full length clinics.
    • A stand alone coaches section for drilling, practice planning, and strategic improvement.
    • "Watch a Random Video" This may seem pretty basic, but it's not. When you are wrestling, you never know what your opponent will throw at you. Test yourself with our random video system - do you know how to stop it?

    ... I'll get back to adding more info as I get more videos up... start testing and tell me what you like, dislike...
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