I enjoyed the show esecially Maynard that guy is an animal and the no contest was bullshit. We have seen that type of thing happen before (Matt Hughes) and Grey should have been given the win because he was initiating the action and Emerson tapped before they knew Grey was out. Emerson should have just asmitted he got owned instead of making excuses as to why he was getting smashed.

I felt terrible for Manny in the championship. I thought he was doing a good job and won the first round easily. IMO he would have gone on to win a decision but accidents happen, I hope to see him again. Nate always looks physicaly weak to me and seems to get man handled but he has so many submissions and he never stops attempting to catch his opponent.

Pulver loses and I was dissapointed because I am not a fan of BJ I just think hes a dick and for being a prodigy or the best MMA fighter ever his record really shows it. But that said BJ was dominating the fight in all positions and Jens really didnt have an answer even on the feet.

Joe Rogan is such a tool. He really pissed me off when he was trying to convince Grey that he was out and it was a legit call. I was hoping Grey would punch him in the neck.

Anyway I thought there were some decent fights but for the most part nothing great.