Mike Furches said "

want to say something else about this man.  I got to meet him this
summer and right away garnished a ton of respect for him.  Not
because he won the tournament I was at, but because he had taken in a
young man who I love and admire so much.  A young man who is
likely one of the best wrestlers in the country who has gone through
some tough times.  Most people will never go through the tough
times this young man went through that Gerald took into his house and
started taking care of.  Gerald is not only a man to respect on
the mat, he is a man I greatly admire for the work he has done with
this youth who is a great kid.  Truth is I don't know how the kid
would have done without the help being offered by Dlareg, but I know
this, that young man has a chance now because of the love and help he
has been given.

When looking for a role model who gives back to
the sport, as well as can kick as$ when need be I can think of no one
better to pat on the back during this Christmas season. 

just wanted you to know, I have noticed, and it is worth my time this
Christmas eve to let others know, that you are more than a man on the
mat, or in the cage, you are a man's man in life.  Keep it up and
would love to again see you this summer.  Blessings to you and
those you touch.

Mike Furches www.furches.org www.thevirtualpew.com It's Showtime!

Whoa, I really apreciate your words.  Well spoken by a good father - I wish that my father was around for my wrestling like you are with your boy.  Dog is pretty big now - he's wrestling at 125 this year, but he will probably go 119 at the end.  You remember what happened last year

situation with the boys is pretty hard with my salary and two kids of
my own, but I make ends meet with the fighting pay - They are
working hard in the classroom and on the mat.  I have big plans
for them this summer with Freestyle/Greco! 

Well, again thanks for the kind words!  I'll be back on here after the Midlands tournament and here are some more pics.