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Thread: Varner's style

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gold View Post
    It is definitely a crappy way to see any match end. I mean, it sure does get the adrenaline rushing for the fans, but it's not really very fair. With that said, I don't really know a better way to do it. I guess it's better than watching them circle for 2 more hours until someone gets a TD or a stall point. Anyone have any ideas for the rules committee?
    I agree that it is a crappy way to end a match, but it is certainly more fair than the old system that had a sudden victory/death period followed by a single ride-out period (rather than the current system that has two periods on the mat), where the coin flip virtually determines the winner. I cannot think of a better way. There is, of course, a way to avoid having net riding time determine the winner: either outscore your opponent in regulation or get the first takedown in overtime.

    Pucillo is ordinarily a very aggressive wrestler, but I think he altered his gameplan for Varner and it ended up working--basically he out-Varnered Varner. Varner certainly has the physical ability to be an offensive wrestler, but for whatever reason he chooses not to.

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    Just have them keep repeating the 1 minute of neutral, 30, 30. If someone accrues a minute more riding time that would also be grounds to end match. but having 6 seconds more of riding time hardly makes you the better wrestler.

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    You have to crown a champion at some point. Those two should have just flipped a coin and saved me the agony.

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    something WILL happen eventually...someone will wear out, someone will stall out, someone will ride will happen...that's the only fair way to do it..

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    I was looking forward to this obviously I was really dissapointed with the way it ended. Not because Varner lost, just how he lost.

    Pucillo was proclaimed to be more agressive and skilled than any of Varners previous opponents. Not impressed with his performence whatsoever.

    Say what you will about the wrestler; varner was the clear agressor the entire match. I was impressed with Varners performence.

    So why is Varner compared to Brent Metcalf so much? Brent Metcalfs way isn't the only way, he isn't at the same weight; and he hasn't given up only one takedown all season.

    Cael made a comment in the Iowa state daily once about how Varner is working on developing his offensive tools; and I think this has been showing in his matches and will continue to show in the future. In the meantime, Varner remains one of the most talented and accomplished wrestlers this season in my book.

    Sure, I'd like to see Varner take people down folks at will and at the same time rarely/if ever give up a takedown; I'd also like to see Gallick land one of those spladles every match.

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    Pucillo was proclaimed to be more agressive and skilled than any of Varners previous opponents. Not impressed with his performence whatsoever.
    He beat Varner at his own game. Why take chances and play to his strenghts. Play him against his weakness. Great wrestlers adapt and that is what Pucillo did, like it or not.

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    [QUOTE=cyclone10;52510] I was impressed with Varners performence. QUOTE]

    What exactly impressed you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cyclone10 View Post
    I was impressed with Varners performence. QUOTE]

    What exactly impressed you?
    His defense (The obvious reason I think Varner is a great wrestler)
    Being the agressor. (chuckin, shooten, sweepin, ie. trying to score pts.)

    Pucillo was smart to let varner come to him; I totally agree with the previous poster. I made a similar comment when some one mentioned before the match that Pucillo is exceptionally agressive, I responded that I think Varner is at his best when the opponent is agressive. Good game plan, I'll give Pucillo that, but he didn't capitalize on it nor did he perform to solidify a win...he DID win by six seconds of riding time; as opposed to a takedown for instance.

    I just don't go as far as saying pucillo beat Varner at his own game, I kind of understand what was meant by that, but I don't see his victory that least not THIS one. Mostly I'm just bitter the way it ended, not who won but's unsettled in mind but there's always next season to see a rematch perhaps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ISU2008 View Post
    I think part of the reason he has such great defense is that he does go against Cael. But, I'm sure it's not just Cael drilling TDs and Varner drilling defense. I believe that they will focus (have to focus) on getting Varner's offense better. You know what they say, defense wins championships, but they also say, the best defense is a good offense.

    I'll say this, Varner was 5 seconds away from winning nationals with his limited offense, if he focuses on that during the offseason, he will be a beast.
    JP is the same way, very good defensively. His dad said he has to get better on his feet and do like he did against Dustin. He was a different man against Dustin. We were all looking at each other like, where did this come from?
    See you in St. Louis!

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