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Thread: Cael Sanderson to Penn State University

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    I wouldn't BS anyone on this. Thanks OBC.
    RIP Jacob Schlottke; KR1963 and rpayton

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    Man, if this comes to pass, it would be seismic...

    I think about the historical context... Some Iowa State fans may be having a horrible sense of deja vu, history repeating itself, being transported back to 1972...

    That year, ISU superstar alum Dan Gable was approached by then Iowa coach Gary Kurdelmeier about coming to Iowa City as his assistant. The assumption in Ames was, "Gable will wait patiently until Harold Nichols (then Cyclone coach) retires...*" but the Waterloo native had other ideas, and made the jump. In 1976, Kurdelmeier got bumped upstairs, Gable took the helm, and the rest is history. It's something that haunts Cyclone fans of a certain age to this day.

    Now... I've got to think there's a mantra being chanted among Cyclone fans right now... "This can't happen again!"


    To read about Kurdelmeier and how he got Gable to switch teams:

    * Nichols was head coach of the Cyclones until 1985...

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    I am a PSU student. I saw Cael today.

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    Man, it would be great to see a shakeup like this. I hope it goes down.

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    ho-lee crap.

    That is un-freakin-believable.

    With 10 starters returning including your brother at your own university where you are THE MAN.

    I do understand though, PA is a goldmine.

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    So...who's going with him? *imitates Jerry Maguire*
    Jacob Schlottke---Gone too soon, and the world is a little less bright because of it. RIP, brother.

    One, two, Evans is coming for you...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zapp Brannigan View Post
    So...who's going with him? *imitates Jerry Maguire*
    That's what I was wondering too. (But not in a Jerry Maguire voice.)

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    If this is true, its big news, and the Clones are going to feel like somebody gutted them.

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    If Wiltz says done deal it's a done deal.


    Some of my buddies are gonna be pissed! Cant wait to call them with the "bad" news.

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