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My point is simply that the only person that needs to know of a post being moderated in the author if the post. The change I made had no affect on the point Big was trying to make it just made it a little more PC. It makes no sense for me or any of the administrators/ moderators to give full disclosure to everyone if we are trying to avoid a certain situation. Also to be fair other than some pm's asking people to think about what was said this is the first post I have physically moderated.
Hey, man, I think you are doing a great ****ing [moderator edited] job. Don't let a few minority posters like the ***s [moderator edited], the *********s [moderator edited], or those filthy *******s [moderator edited] bum you out. We should just send 'em all to ****** [moderator edited] anyway. At least they didn't try to post pictures of people ******ing with *****s [moderator edited] or ****ing their *****s [moderator edited]. That would really be disgusting! And to any of you who don't agree with me, you can go **** [moderator edited] your ******* [moderator edited] in the ****** [moderator edited] until it ******s [moderator edited] all over your *************** [moderator edited].