Kick off predictions here with the first half of the first round. I'm doing this assuming teams wrestle their full line ups, which they likely won't, so some bout results will probably wind up being different.

Penn State v. UTC
125: McKnight dec Maldonado 3-0 Penn State
133: Haas dec Hromada 6-0 Penn State
141: Strayer dec Cody Cleveland 10-0 Penn State
149: Jenkins maj Knox 14-0 Penn State
157: Vallimont dec Garvin 17-0 Penn State
165: Rella dec Davis 20-0 Penn State
174: Rogers dec Erwin 20-3 Penn State
184: Bomberger dec Edmonson 23-3 Penn State
197: Davis maj Koz 27-3 Penn State
285: Laboranti dec Lettner 30-3 Penn State

Don't see much going well here for UTC, especially with their best guy, Koz wrestling arguably the best overall guy in the country. Penn State will probably work some back ups in, so this one might be a little closer.

Northwestern v. Nebraska
125: Donahoe dec Precin 3-0 Nebraska
133: Jordan dec Metzler 6-0 Nebraska
141: Aleksanyan dec Sulzer 9-0 Nebraska
149: Lang dec Burroughs 9-3 Nebraska
157: Oliver dec Bertin 12-3 Nebraska
165: Dwyer dec Marella 15-3 Nebraska
174: Hayes dec Browne 15-6 Nebraska
184: Jones fall Kelovic 21-6 Nebraska
197: Tamillow dec Brester 21-9 Nebraska
285: Fox dec May 21-12 Nebraska

This might be a bit more interesting than some are anticipating. Is Donahoe being back for the duals a certainty? Because either way, Precin who's been much improved this year might have a shot at knocking him off if he's carrying any mat rust. A lot will depend on what Lang winds up doing. Either way, I think the 141/149 is a split, he wins wherever, although Burroughs is more than capable of beating him. Northwestern will definitely have to avoid giving up the fall at 184 if they're going to look to steal this dual with their upperweight pair.

Minnesota v. West Virginia
125: Ness fall Turnbull 6-0 Minnesota
133: Reiter maj Anderson 10-0 Minnesota
141: Rivera maj Oravec 14-0 Minnesota
149: Schlatter dec Jauregui 17-0 Minnesota
157: Schlatter dec Fryling 20-0 Minnesota
165: Glasser dec Jones 23-0 Minnesota
174: Dretsch dec Litton 26-0 Minnesota
184: Kish dec Brenner 29-0 Minnesota
197: Villers dec Bronson 29-3 Minnesota
285: Rogers dec Nord/Berhow 29-6 Minnesota

Minnesota should run away with this one. Rivera v. Rader would have been one of the marquee match ups of the entire weekend with Manny looking for revenge from the round of 12 last year. Both Schlatters have capable opponents, but both should beat them.

Central Michigan v. Ohio State
125: Smith dec Triggas 3-0 CMU
133: Beebe dec Humphrey 6-0 CMU
141: Jaggers dec Kruger 6-3 CMU
149: Palmer dec Carter 6-6
157: Brown dec Johnstone 9-6 CMU
165: Sponseller dec Stewart 9-9
174: Sinnott dec Picazo 12-9 CMU
184: Pucillo dec Sinnott 12-12
197: Michalak fall Weakly 18-12 CMU
285: Bergman maj Gritter 18-16 CMU

This may actually be the match of the first round. As tough as CMU is, Ohio State matches up with them very, very well, and if it shakes out exactly like this it'll be really, really interesting to see JDB going out and trying to throw Bubba over for the fall. Ohio State could turn 133 the other way, but CMU could do the same at 184. If Stewart doesn't wrestle I think Sponseller majors Puckett.

1st half of the quarters
#1 Penn State v. Nebraska
#4 Central Michigan v. #5 Minnesota