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Thread: Fastest Pin In High School

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    We had a .52 TF in the final of a county tournament. Actually, it should have been a .06 or .07 fall off an opening headlock, but the ref missed it and the kid rolled through. Top then threw in legs and proceeded to bind up 4 different tilts.
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    I don't remember the times, but I saw Brad Pataky tech kids in high school pretty frequently in the first period. Hit a cement mixer on the whistle then tilt, tilt, tilt.
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    I got a :04 pin my senior year. I weighed 205 and was wrestling up. At that point in the dual meet we were down 60-0 and their heavyweight was HUGE--not good but HUGE--he thought that he could bull rush me and take me right to my back. I grabbed and arm and hit a lat drop. The ref didn't even have to move he just fell and slapped the mat. The timer may have been a bit slow but the clock said 1:56.

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    I pined a kid in 5 seconds, set my high school record.

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