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Thread: Fantasy League Discussion: 12/7-12/13

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    I really have a sucky team between 133 and 149...

    I need to make a trade...

    I have Castillo at 133, Ettelson at 141 and Ervin at 149...all these guys are Top 12 guys but I have A LOT to trade up top so if someone has something decent at these weights and wants my guy AND a heavier weight guy for just their guy at 133, 141 or 149, I will consider it.

    I have:
    165 Marable, Flanagan, King
    184 Weitzel, Caputo
    197 T.J. Morrison

    You would have to come hard though to get Caputo or Marable from me so be thinking Top Eight at 133, 141 or 149 for consideration.
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    Unfortunately those are my weakest weights as well gofer haha. I might put letts up for trade here at some point

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    44 for me

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