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    According to, "The top seven finishers in any weight class from the U.S. Open qualify for the Phase II Trials, in addition to several other criteria for the event." Does anyone know the "other criteria"? And is there a limit to the number of wrestlers per bracket? Below is a list of the top seven finishers from 57kg, 61kg, 66kg, 70kg, and 74kg that could qualify to compete.

    57kg: Hochstrasser, Mitcheff, Graff, Sanders, Mango, McKnight
    61kg: Scott, Futrell, McDonough, Colon, Beebe, Precin
    66kg: Russell, Stieber, Molinaro, Humphrey, Oliver, Dardanes
    70kg: Fay, Ruschell, LeValley, Green, Welch, Hall
    74kg: Taylor, Caldwell, Godley, Massa, Gantt, Stafford

    Any rumors on who is going to make the cut or jump to 61kg or 70kg? I'd love to see Taylor cut 8 pounds and win a world title at 70kg, but that's not likely. Anyone think Oliver or Russell will bump up to test Marable?

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    I could see Oliver more likely cutting to 61 kg than bumping to 70 kg. He looked small to me compared to Metcalf in the WTT finals at 66 kg.

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