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Thread: Ruth / Wilps at FloNationals?

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    Default Ruth / Wilps at FloNationals?

    I thought Ruth and Wilps would be wrestling at the end of the FloNationals broadcast. I was kinda watching, and it seemed like there should be 2 or 3 matches left before theirs. I stopped watching for a couple minutes and the next thing I knew, the coverage ended.

    Did it happen?
    Did anyone see it?

    Did I have the schedule wrong? I'm copying the announcement on FLO below...

    But his showdown with Wilps, which will take place as the finale of FloNationals in Indiana, Pennsylvania on Saturday evening...

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    Default Re: Ruth / Wilps at FloNationals?

    Ruth won 10-3 I believe. Wilps isn't exactly the stiffest post grad competition out there. Ed dominated like most would expect

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